Children's Program FAQ

Our Philosophy: Whole Child Development

Traditional martial arts values are at the core of Hung Fa Kwoon of AZ training. Regular participation develops cognitive and social skills which are enhanced through quality instruction, practice and increased physical skill.

Q:  Why choose the Hung Fa Kwoon of AZ for my child?

A:  Our Kids Kung Fu Program has been specially formulated to maximize your child’s full potential as a human being, mentally and physically. Our progressively challenging curriculum (with goal setting and rank testing) is designed to develop and hone leadership and self defense skills in a fun, nurturing environment.

Q:  What does Kung Fu mean?

A:  Kung Fu literally translates as skill derived through hard work, it is the term applied in the west to represent Chinese martial arts, though it could be applied equally to the result of any activity requiring a period of focused study.

Q:  Does my child need to be in top physical condition to learn Kung Fu?

A:  No, as stated above Kung Fu is a product of time and effort, regardless if your child already has athletic capabilities or not our program will develop and enhance a good balance between mental and physical skill. Each and every child will be encouraged along the way and will progress at their own pace and level of understanding. They will only be invited to test for advancement in rank when they are ready to do so, thereby creating a positive and rewarding experience that will increase their self esteem.

"Q:  What is the ideal age for my child to start learning Kung Fu?"

A:  There is no ideal age to start training, the benefits of learning martial arts can be achieved by anyone at any time, we have age appropriate programs for children from as young as 8 years old to the most senior of adults.

Q:  Will learning Kung Fu make my child a violent person?"

A:  Absolutely not, knowledge is power, the awareness and physical skills developed through studying Kung Fu will give your child the confidence and ability to deal with conflict in a non violent manner.