Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun of Arizona

Welcome to Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun of Arizona

The Hung Fa Kwoon of Arizona (Red Flower Training Hall) is one of Phoenix Arizona’s premier traditional martial arts studios conveniently located in Mesa with members attending from all corners of the valley. Our primary focus is on the traditional Chinese martial art of Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu with specific classes for both adults and children. In addition to the wing chun program we have guest instructors teaching Martial Blades Concepts. The emphasis throughout all the programs offered is to give our students a realistic no-nonsense attitude toward self defense combined with skills that will last a lifetime.

Martial Arts for the Whole Family

Regardless of age, gender or size and whether you are looking to boost confidence, learn to defend yourself and your loved ones, to improve health, fitness and well-being or to instill traditional values for you and your family in a fun and friendly environment we have a program to suit your needs.

Why not see for yourself why we are one of the best choices for your traditional martial arts training in the Phoenix Metropolitan area?

Come and experience our friendly, relaxed and informative atmosphere firsthand!

You will be learning to defend yourself and having fun all at the same time.

Spaces are limited, so contact us now to avoid disappointment!

Adult's HFY Wing Chun

Our Adult program (15 yrs +) is centered on Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu a traditional Chinese martial art that excels in the close range, utilizing striking, trapping, and low kicking. It does not rely on physical strength and stamina but emphasizes the use of leverage to control the opponent's center of gravity. This makes it the ideal system of self defense for both men and women, regardless of size, stature, or age.

Our members can choose between the traditional martial arts and/or modern self defense options or cross train between any combination of disciplines.

Children's HFY Wing Chun

Our Children's (8-14 yrs) HFY Wing Chun program is age appropriate and utilizes a comprehensive curriculum that will develop and nurture your children into well rounded, confident and capable individuals throughout their formative years.

Teens 15yrs and older are considered mature enough to train alongside the adults, but for the most part do the partner drills with their peers. This affords them the opportunity to understand and implement the philosophies of self defense and hand to hand combat in greater depth than their younger counterparts in the children’s program.

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