Meet the Instructors

Sifu Mark Jones

Owner & Head Instructor of Hung Fa Yi Arizona

Sifu Jones has been involved in the martial arts for over 40 years. As the Owner and Head Instructor of Hung Fa Kwoon of Arizona, he has many years of experience teaching students of all ages and abilities. Sifu Jones currently instructs the Adult Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun classes as well as Kids Wing Chun classes (Ages 8-14) here at the Hung Fa Kwoon of AZ located in Mesa, Arizona. His own martial arts journey began as a child when he was exposed to both Judo and Karate and later as an adult, the southern Chinese Kung Fu style of Lau Gar Kuen in his native country England. Since settling in Arizona, USA in 1999 he has been training exclusively in Wing Chun Kung Fu, initially in Ip Man/Moy Yat family lineage until his exposure to Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun in early 2000.

Currently, Sifu Jones is a direct disciple of Grand Master Garrett Gee, Inheritor of the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun system and serves as the Southwest Regional Director of the World Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Association. His previous ranks include 3rd Degree Black Sash, Ip Man Wing Chun under Master Richard Loewenhagen and 1st Degree Black Sash, Lau Gar Kuen in the British Kung Fu Association.

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Master Richard Loewenhagen (Retired)

Master Richard Loewenhagen is an accomplished leader, military scientist, martial arts teacher and writer. As a retired field grade military officer, he was trained at many of the most prestigious leadership, strategies, and tactics schools the United States Department of Defense has to offer, including the Air Force Institute of Technology, the Air Command and Staff College, and the Marine Command and Staff College. In 1982, the exclusive International Society of Logistics Engineers honored him with the 'Researcher of the Year' award. Master Loewenhagen taught Wing Chun Kung Fu and Shaolin Chin Na to combat and security police personnel.

Within the Wing Chun Kung Fu world at large, he is recognized by the Government of China and the Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Athletic Association as having earned their highest level of Wing Chun certification--that of Senior Instructor.

Upon his retirement from full time teaching in 2008, Master Richard Loewenhagen passed the torch to Sifu Jones as Chief Instructor and owner of the Hung Fa Kwoon of Arizona. Master Loewenhagen continues to share his time and knowledge and is a regular participant at Instructor training sessions as well as having more of his articles published in the martial arts media.